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Getting a college degree is an expensive proposition. Students can get a lot out of the college experience, and one of the returns for the cost is hopefully a decent job.

But the chosen college major has a lot to do with getting a good-paying job. Of course, everyone has to pick the course of study that suits them, but it might help to know about the best college majors for 2022. And by best, we mean the majors that result in the best salaries.

We looked at the top 15 degrees that create sustainable careers. Our calculations are based on average starting salary; the median salary after five years in the field; the most in-demand majors; the projected job growth rate; and whether an undergraduate degree or postgraduate programs were needed.

We also wanted to know what the unemployment rate was for these fields, and what the average cost of college is. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is a great resource if you are interested in a college major not mentioned here.

How Much Does College Cost?

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College costs vary widely from state to state and from private to public schools. The average tuition is $10,000 to about $40,000 not including room and…

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