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Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on NewRetirement.

Reaching retirement doesn’t have to mean that you’ll never work again. In fact, it might be a great opportunity to work on your own terms. Part-time work can help you improve your retirement income, keep you active, give you purpose and be fun all at the same time.

And, in case you haven’t heard, there is a massive worker shortage right now, so you might be able to command top dollar for your part-time retirement gig.

Do You Need the Income or Other Benefits?

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While there are many reasons to work beyond money, you may want to know if you need supplemental retirement income.

The best way to find out? Creating and maintaining a comprehensive retirement plan. The NewRetirement Planner makes it easy to see the impact of part-time work on your lifetime financial outlook.

The Best Part-Time Jobs for Retirees

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Here are 20 of the best ways for retirees to find part-time jobs — great ways to earn part-time income to help you with a more secure retirement and enrich your current…

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