Have you ever put a label on yourself and then had a hard time removing it? My son is very good with the soccer ball but he hesitates whenever he goes up against bigger and stronger boys because he’s not confident. He often thinks he’s bad and that leads him to not play as well as he could out on the field.

A lot of people do this and it affects all facets of their life. This is especially disastrous when it comes to money. It’s understandable though.

This is because: a) money is a taboo topic, and b) it’s the easy way out. It’s so much easier to say “I’m bad with money” than it is to actually improve the underlying issue.

If you’re constantly thinking you have bad luck with finances or are generally bad with money, you have to first realize that “no, you’re not bad with money.” It’s probably just because of one of these reasons.

Let’s take a look.

1. You’re comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle

This is sage advice from bestselling author Jon Acuff, and it definitely applies to personal finance too. When you’re trying to straighten your own financial mess out, it can be really hard not to compare yourself to someone else.

The problem, though, is that this is the absolute worst thing you can do; it’s a total motivation killer.

Let’s say you’re saddled down with student loan and credit card debt. You want to start saving and investing, but you know you should eliminate all of your high-interest loans first. You devise a plan and get to work.

Then you hear a coworker talking about how…

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