Clutter can take over your house and also your finances. I have lived many years with clutter, and I can tell you that living with less has been so much more beneficial to my bank account.

Here are four financial benefits you’ll reap almost immediately after dealing with the clutter.

1. Improved Productivity

Since I’m a freelance writer, my paycheck depends on how much I get done. And I’ll confess – I used to struggle to get any work done because I was constantly bombarded with a mental to-do list of all the areas of my home that needed to be cleaned and organized. There is something so draining about seeing a sink full of dishes and dirty counters and my productivity has suffered.

Strangely enough, getting rid of the majority of visual clutter in my house has made me a better cleaner and more productive writer. I bet many other professionals will reap similar benefits at their workplace since clutter can weigh us down without us even us realizing it.

2. Save on Late Fees and Replacing Items

How many times have you had to pay more money just because you couldn’t find a bill on time or because you lost something? A few months ago, my house was a disaster because we were in the middle of moving. In the process, I had to pay almost $12 to replace a children’s library book, and I was charged a $10 late fee for the water bill because I misplaced the bill and missed the deadline.

These pesky fees can add up when clutter is in the way. $22 isn’t life or death money, but I would have rather spent it on just about anything else.

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