You work really hard to save money and get out of debt. Every year, when making your New Year’s resolutions, you vow that this will be the year you finally succeed and never look back.

You set your budget before December loses itself to January; you’ve planned how much you will put on each card, and you plan to say “no” to everything.

No more lattes from Starbuck’s drive-thru.
No more eating out with the guys.
No more weekly manicures.

At first, you’re so proud of yourself for doing well, but by now, you’re starting to regret and resent your plans.

Your coworkers are going out to dinner tonight and you really, really want to go. Chips with salsa and margaritas may as well be your kryptonite, especially when it comes to hanging with the gang and gossiping about the boss after hours.

You wrestle with your conscience and your goals.

Just one weekend won’t hurt. After all, I’ve been really great these last three (almost four!) months.

Off you go to your favorite Mexican restaurant to eat with the gang.

It feels so good to be free again.

You’re not thinking about the goals you established only a few weeks back; you’re thinking about how your debts aren’t going anywhere no matter what you do. If you can’t change your future, then why not enjoy your present?

Your plans fly out the window before you’ve even given them a fair chance to work.

The unrelenting pressure of your iron-fisted budget is coming down on you hard, and you can’t stand the thought of never spending another dime on yourself. Your inner rebel is screaming to get out.

So you…

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