The fall is a favorite season to many and it is easy to see why. The weather is nice, the leaves turn beautiful colors, and of course, pumpkin spice lattes. Here’s another reason to love fall – it saves you money. Here are five ways to save money this fall. You don’t want to overlook these tips.

1. Indulge in More Inexpensive Meals

When the weather starts to turn breezy, soup and chili are the perfect comfort foods. Take advantage of your slow cooker and these inexpensive meal choices. Another great thing about making soups and chili is that you can freeze them, prep them ahead of time, and even throw in random leftovers you have rotting, scratch that, waiting for you in the fridge. Today I made Skinny Taste’s chicken taco chili, out of beans, rotisserie chicken, and a half used can of tomato sauce that was on its last leg in the fridge. It took about five minutes to throw everything in the crockpot.

2. Skip Out of Season Produce

Don’t even get tempted by summer produce this season. Not only are berries and melons overpriced in the fall, but they are also not as nutritionally dense when they are out of season. Instead, opt for frozen alternatives or take advantage of apples and squash sales.

Basically, produce that rises in price by a great deal during their “off-season” need to be seriously considered before you buy because in this case, a high price doesn’t mean a better product.

3. Goodbye, Gym

If you have the option to opt out of your gym membership, then do so. Fall is the…

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