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If you let your schedule run you instead of the other way around, you’re going to stifle your personal and professional life in profound ways.

The stress of always trying to put out fires instead of proactively managing your tasks will carry over to your work performance. And then it will slowly start to seep into your personal life.

Instead of accepting that as the standard, consider some of the following time management skills.

You can decide if you’re struggling with any of them specifically or if you need an entire overhaul of your approach to scheduling.

For example, are you excellent at creating boundaries around your off days? But are you still struggling because you don’t prioritize daily tasks well?

Analyzing where you’re struggling is key to moving toward better time management.

Creating a Manageable Schedule

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The best way to manage a schedule, and which tool or system you choose to help you do so, is going to look different for everyone.

There are some overall guidelines, however, that will help anyone build a successful foundation.

1. Polish Your Planning Skills

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