It’s no secret that growing even a small vegetable and herb garden saves money on grocery bills through the spring and summer months (and, if you preserve them, you’ll save through the fall and winter as well). What’s not as well-known is the expense of putting one in. For me, gardening always seemed like an inexpensive hobby. After all, it’s just plants, dirt, water, and sunshine, right? I found out the truth when I got started. I didn’t realize how much all these ‘natural’ things can cost (except the sunshine… that’s still free unless you have to create your own). With that in mind, here are a few ways to save money while planting a spring garden.

1. Early Preparation: Start Your Own Seeds Indoor

Back in the days before you could just buy a packet of seeds or flat of seedlings from the garden center, gardeners saved their own seeds from the previous season and started them inside so they’d be ready to plant once the soil was ready. Anyone can do this. Seeds aren’t that expensive, but you’ll save plenty of money on plants.

2. Find Inexpensive — Or Free — Seeds and Plants

If there’s a lack of time (or patience) for starting your own seedlings, there are still ways to save. Many communities have what’s known as a “seed library” where you can essentially loan out seeds and return the equivalent of what you took at the end of the season (minus those annoying late fees!). Some states don’t allow these, so make sure they’re sanctioned before getting involved in sketchy seed exchanges.

An easy way to get free plants is…

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