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Inflation is about as high as it’s been in decades — 8.5% — and it’s crushing budgets all over the world.

The stock market, one of the best ways to beat inflation over time, is struggling. So, what’s a saver to do?

One great solution may also be one of the safest: Series I savings bonds, or I bonds. They’re sometimes also referred to as inflation bonds because as inflation goes up, so does the interest on these U.S. government bonds. Example? Right now they’re paying 9.6%!

Sounds good, but what’s the catch?

In this week’s podcast episode, we’re going to find out.

Co-hosts Stacy Johnson and Miranda Marquit are joined by producer Aaron Freeman. Today’s special guest is former financial adviser, bestselling author and financial educator Kevin Matthews from BuildingBread.

Remember, even though we sometimes talk about specific investments on this show, don’t take them as recommendations because they’re not. Before investing in anything, do your own research, and make your own decisions.

You can watch this episode below, or if you’d prefer to listen, you can do that with the player at the top of this article, or download it wherever you get your podcasts:

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What are I bonds?

If you’re looking for something safe that’s designed to protect you from inflation, here’s some info that will help.

What should you be doing with your portfolio?

This has been a…

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