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Many people are finding that they need to work at least part time in retirement in order to support themselves. Some people also find that they want to continue working in order to stay active.

Though retirees can offer an organization incredible experience and insight, not everyone who wants part-time work in retirement is able to find it.

The key to finding a great part-time position in retirement is preparing yourself for the job search and interview process.

Check out these tips for navigating the search for a part-time position in retirement.

1. Set realistic expectations

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It’s important to realize that you may not initially find a position that gives you everything you are looking for.

Part-time positions often require workers to be flexible when it comes to their work schedule and pay.

It’s a good idea to approach the job search with an open mind. Though the position may not be ideal, it’s possible that you can work with your manager on making changes once you have proved that you can contribute to the company.

2. Look for a position that allows you to explore your passions

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