You read blogs like this to find the best ways to manage your money. Your intentions are terrific because saving money is something you know you need to do.

But as much as you read about it, you haven’t fully committed to a vision that will make it happen. You’re sabotaging yourself.

“What do you mean?” you ask. Here are seven ways you’re setting yourself up for financial failure:

1. You’re waiting to save money until you make more.

That will never happen. I’m not saying you won’t make more money; I’m saying there will always be more excuses. Start saving now even if it feels like you don’t make enough money to save, shift, and recalculate. You will find places where you can tighten your belt.

2. You forget that every penny adds up.

True, skipping the lattes likely won’t make you a million but skipping the lattes + walking where you need to go + making your lunch will help you get your head above water faster. This in turn will allow you to focus on true financial success.

3. You’re not satisfied with what you have.

If you’re constantly buying into the latest electronic trend because it’s hot, new, and attention-grabbing, you’ll never save money, much less keep yourself free from a financial gutter. You must love what you have. Be proud of your older generation iPhone and don’t worry about getting the brand spanking new – because really, do you need it? What features justify that expense? None. Be happy with what you have and you’ll keep more money in your pocket.

4. Your budget makes you cringe.

If you resent being on a budget,…

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