It’s strange how you work hard for your money, but totally miss the money that’s hiding in plain sight. It’s all around you right now, ripe for the taking.

Simple moves you can make within the next hour could make you richer by hundreds — even thousands — of dollars, either by slashing expenses or padding your pockets with extra income.

To be clear, these are ideas to make you richer that you can learn about within an hour, but some will take longer to pad your bottom line.

Take a quick look at the following list; there’s bound to be something here that’s going to pay off for you.

1. Pay less for your car insurance

You hate shopping for car insurance, right? Well, guess what: Your insurance company knows that. That’s why they can jack your rates year after year, knowing you won’t go through the hassle of calling them on it.

But now you can find a better deal with no hassle at all. You can have MyBestQuoteOnline find quotes from top companies in minutes and see how much you can save.

It’s no mystery how they do it. You provide some basic information about yourself and your car. They take that info and compare it in real time to their live database connected to dozens of top insurance carriers.

Doesn’t require a lot of time, but it could result in big savings. And it’s something you can do during commercial breaks! Click hereand check it out.

2. Squeeze some money from your homeowners insurance

What we just told you about your car insurance applies to homeowners insurance as well. While there are plenty of ways to save, the single best way to do it is what insurance companies are praying…

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