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How much money will be in your Social Security retirement check and how much can you keep? For retirees, these are burning questions.

Even retirees who continue to work may count heavily on this long-anticipated monthly benefit.

Here we take a look at the deciding factors behind the size of your check and how much goes into your purse or pocket.

1. Your work history

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Your “retirement age” means something quite specific to Social Security. You can stop working and throw all the retirement parties you want, but as far as Social Security is concerned, your retirement age is not when you quit work but when you start taking Social Security benefits.

To calculate the size of your monthly benefit check, the Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a formula that takes into account:

  • Your 35 highest-earning years
  • When you start receiving Social Security benefits

The SSA explains more at “Your Retirement Age and When You Stop Working.

2. Your earning history

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The size of your Social Security checks also depends on…

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