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Remote work is now more common than ever — a simple convenience born of a very inconvenient pandemic. While there are many more remote work opportunities than ever before, there’s much more competition for these jobs.

Experience is important in an office or online. It proves you can do the work, and it helps you stand out from the crowd. But not all work-from-home jobs require a lot of experience.

For these remote jobs, skills and willingness to learn tend to matter more than years of service.

1. Customer Service Representative

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It’s not hard to tell if someone has good people skills and is an effective communicator. Employers looking for customer service representatives can tell if you have these skills through interviews and tests.

Any experience you lack can be made up for with on-the-job training. These jobs often provide you with a script and digital resources to help you answer any relevant question that customers throw at you during your phone call, video call or chat session.

All sorts of companies need brand ambassadors to assist customers in using and understanding products and services. So you can find a job as a customer service representative almost anywhere.

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2. Writer

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