If you’re the type who insists on the safety of bank money market accounts and certificates of deposit, your time has finally arrived.

After years of waiting, you’re earning more than a pathetic pittance on your savings. But there’s a simple way to earn even more without taking on more risk: investing in United States Treasurys.

Following are many reasons you should be putting money in Treasury securities instead of bank certificates of deposit or savings accounts.

1. Treasurys pay more

As you’re likely aware, rates have been steadily rising this year as the Federal Reserve jacks interest rates to crush inflation.

Rising rates show up everywhere, including banks. But the interest on Treasury bills (maturing within one year), notes (maturing from two to 10 years) and bonds (maturing from 20 to 30 years) are now paying more than the vast majority of bank offerings, and they’re adjusting faster to rising rates.

Take a look at the CD rates in our Solutions Center, and you’ll see rates on 1-year CDs are ranging from 3.25% to 3.9%. And these aren’t just average rates; they’re some of the best available nationwide.

Now, here’s a look at rates on Treasury securities, ranging from 1-month to 5-year maturity, from when I checked this on Oct. 11:

  • 1-month: 2.952% yield
  • 3-month: 3.434%
  • 6-month: 4.107%
  • 1-year: 4.264%
  • 2-year: 4.289%
  • 3-year: 4.323%
  • 5-year: 4.119%

As of that moment, you could earn more than 4% on a 6-month Treasury bill and more than 4.25% on a 1-year: higher than the best CD rates.

As with bank rates, Treasury rates adjust constantly. You can find current rates where I did, here at CNBC.com, or many other finance websites.

The next time the Fed raises rates — most likely at their next meeting on Nov….

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