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For millions of people, a college degree is a ticket that helps them cash in on the American dream. Choosing the right school makes success even more likely, according to a recent analysis by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.

Georgetown researchers found that earning a degree in business pays off more than many other types of degrees — although graduates in health, engineering, and computer and information sciences programs tend to have an even higher financial return.

The study finds that “the majority of business programs lead to median earnings that are roughly 10 times students’ debt payments two years after graduation.”

But the power of a business degree is particularly potent when it’s from a handful of schools. Following are the master’s, bachelor’s and associate’s degree business programs that earn students the largest salaries following graduation, according to the Georgetown report.

Top master’s business programs

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Graduates who earned master’s degrees in business from the following schools typically earn the most:

  1. University of Pennsylvania: Median annual earnings of $165,600 after student loan payments
  2. Dartmouth College: $162,000
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: $159,600

Top bachelor’s business programs

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