Gratitude often comes up when we talk about living a better life.

In fact, many of us know that an “attitude of gratitude” can reduce stress and allow us to feel better about life in general. It can also help our relationships with those around us.

But did you know that gratitude can also help our finances?

That’s right. Being thankful can help you improve your financial situation too.

Greater Contentment = Less Spending

First of all, gratitude can lead to greater contentment with what you have. Practicing thankfulness and acknowledging what you have is a big step in the right direction toward feeling contentment in your life.

When you feel good about what you already have, you’ll feel less of a need to try and keep up with the Joneses. You are therefore less likely to try and fill a hole by buying more things.

General contentment with life reduces the amount of money you spend on things that don’t matter to you. And, of course, that leads to fewer expenses and thus more money in your pocket.

If you think about it, gratitude can help you avoid lifestyle inflation, debt-fueled attempts to look rich, or the temptation to make purchases because you feel like you are “supposed” to when other people on your block have those things.

So take some time today to recognize what you have and be thankful for what’s already in your life, as you will be less likely to spend money on other things.

Recovering from Financial Setbacks

Another financial benefit of gratitude is the resilience it offers when you are trying to recover from financial setbacks.

No one wants to lose a job, have…

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