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Don’t you wish you could go back in time and be one of the first to invest in the internet? You’d make a killing.

Well, you can’t go back and invest in Web 1.0: That was just static webpages — read-only.

And you can’t go back and invest in Web 2.0: That’s what we have today, creating content and interacting with each other on sites like Facebook.

But what about Web 3.0? That’s the latest version of the internet, still on the drawing board, being built on blockchain technology.

Don’t know what the heck I’m talking about? Then you’re in the right place.

Because today we’re talking about Web 3.0: what it is, how it works and, most important, how you can make money from it.

As usual, host Stacy Johnson is joined by financial journalist Miranda Marquit. Listening in and sometimes contributing is producer Aaron Freeman. Today’s special guest is Robert Farrington, a Web3 expert and founder of digital asset education website Cult of Money.

Remember, even though we sometimes talk about specific investments on this show, don’t take them as recommendations because they’re not. Before investing in anything or making any money moves, do your research and make your own decisions.

You can watch this episode below, or if you’d prefer to listen, you can do that with the player at the top of this article or download the episode wherever you get your podcasts:

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