Just because you don’t make as much as someone else doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to enjoy the same things they do. Things like education, home furnishings, and working out can still be enjoyed by you regardless of your income. It just takes a little creativity. Keep in mind that it’s not about the thing so much as it is about the result. For example, I can listen to music on a $1099 iPhone or I can listen to it on an older iPod Touch. Regardless of the kind of player I use I still get to listen to my favorite music.

Here are 19 more ideas.

Cars: The rich – buy a brand new Corvette. The frugal shopper – buys a 10 year old Camero for less than book value. Everyone – drives a sports car.

Entertainment: The rich – go to the new casino that just opened. The frugal shopper – organizes a poker game with your friends at home. Everyone – enjoyed a night of gambling entertainment. I would even argue that a poker night with friends is even more fun!

Landscaping: The rich – hire a crew to cut the grass, trim the hedges, fertilize the yard, and plant new flowers for $2,000. The frugal shopper – did all the same things for $200 on the weekend with materials bought on sale. Everyone – has a good looking front yard with curb appeal.

Home Furnishings: The rich – buy from art galleries. The frugal shopper – buys artwork at clearance prices at the furniture store’s going out of business sale. Everyone – has artwork hanging in their homes.


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