Studies show you can get an effective workout in half the time by increasing the intensity: a 10-minute high-intensity circuit can potentially burn as many calories as a slow-paced 30-minute workout. As it turns out, we can apply this concept to finances as well. Few of us have hours to spend on money management (or working out), but we might have 15 minutes. What can you do to streamline and burn the fat off your financial physique in that short amount of time? Here are some ideas.

Setting up automatic payments (and reminders) through your bank or services like Mint Bills doesn’t take much time. You will end up saving time by not needing to manually pay bills. You will also waste less money on late fees every month.

  • Automate your savings

It only takes a few minutes to set up automatic transfers from your checking account to a high-yield savings account or other investment portfolios you already have, but it can make the difference in gaining serious ground on your debt repayment, short-term savings, or retirement funding goals.

  • Consolidate your financial accounts

Most people have multiple banks, investments, credit cards, and savings accounts. Personal Capital and similar services bring all your accounts and cards into one slim, organized space. Many links directly to your accounts for easy management as well.

  • Consolidate your loyalty cards

Slim down your wallet and never miss out on a discount by loading all your loyalty cards into your phone — Android Pay, Apple Pay’s Wallet, and Samsung Pay all make it easier to shop lighter and still save big (be sure to set a security passcode).

Eliminate even more paper clutter with apps like…

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