Car accidents are never planned, but they are definitely expensive. While it’s obvious that your insurance rates will increase if you are found at fault, there are many other costs to consider too.

My husband just totaled our Toyota Yaris in May. There were a lot of costs that I did not even realize I should’ve planned for. Here are a few costs you should be aware of the next time you are involved in a fender-bender.

1. Chiropractic Care and Healthcare

Car accidents can do a number on your body. Thankfully my husband was not hurt during the crash, but it was still important for him to receive chiropractic care the next day. If your car insurance or health insurance covers this cost, then be thankful you won’t have to worry about co-pays and deductibles.

Our health insurance covered two visits and our car insurance paid the $30 co-pay. The chiropractor told my husband that because he receives monthly adjustments, he was able to bounce back quicker after the accident and only needed two adjustments/checks. You might want to consider investing in preventative health services, like regular chiropractic care or therapeutic massages. They may just end up saving you money if something bad happened, like a major car accident.

After an accident, be sure that any health-related care you receive is documented separately so that it can be submitted for a claim. Try negotiating with the healthcare providers to pay as little as possible at your visits since it can take time for the at-fault party’s insurance to pay up.

2. Rental Car/Purchasing a New Car

If you chose not to…

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