Words like “budget”, “bills”, or “expenses” can instantly raise the stress level in some marriages, but the common family spends and receives money on a weekly if not daily basis. At the end of the day, the more communication about it, the better. Here are some helpful tips on how to get on the same page with your fellow significant consumer (err…other) in your life.

Recognize Each Other’s Strengths

Recently my wife said no to an impulse buy she’d been eyeing. Sometimes it’s possible to spoil, but other times I have to remember the bills and expenses and have to say no. My wife does a terrific job at watching what she buys. Instead of just noticing, I’ve found it helpful to praise her for such self control. As a mother of toddlers, she needs to shop quite a bit. This means giving her trust in our finances and me taking the time to acknowledge and thank her for handling our budget well. If your spouse is particularly gifted in a financial area, acknowledge it! Don’t let strengths go unnoticed. This will help as you both plan and prepare for financial goals.

Find the Page You Both Need to Be On

I didn’t do a great job of communicating the goals I had for our finances at the beginning of our marriage. This became a domino effect of chaos as our expenses began to pile up. I was left with two options. Continue to try to tackle our goals on my own, or start communicating well with my bride. I chose the second option and I am so thankful for it. Your spouse…

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