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Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on Construction Coverage.

Despite inflation, rising interest rates, and recession fears, the outlook for the construction industry in the next few years appears positive, according to Construction Coverage.

A midyear report from the American Institute of Architects projected 9.1% growth in nonresidential construction for the remainder of 2022 and 6% growth in 2023.

High demand for construction across the board has helped boost the industry over the past two years and could help construction companies weather a potential recession. The dramatic run-up in home values and rents highlighted the need to add residential housing supply, while the COVID-19 pandemic spurred facility upgrades to many non-residential spaces. The federal government has also been investing heavily in construction and infrastructure. The centerpiece of federal investment was a $1.9 trillion infrastructure bill signed into law late last year.

As the industry changes and modernizes, many of the professions set for the greatest rate of growth are in fact jobs not commonly associated with construction, like market research analysts, software developers, and lawyers. Energy and communications infrastructure will provide the fastest employment growth in the industry.

Here are the fastest-growing jobs in the construction industry. Our final slide, Methodology, tells how this research was conducted.

15. Computer and information systems managers

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