I’m an obsessive list maker. This obsession is usually an advantage because it helps me stay organized and remember things I need to do or buy. The sheer act of writing something down on a list helps me remember (since my memory is visually oriented) so that often I’m able to shop my list from memory – even if I’ve left my notes at home.

Now that my list resides on my phone, list-making is especially practical. I always have it with me, so I’m good to go as long as my list is digital.

And on a recent trip to the store, I learned why you always need to shop with a list.

They Combat Mental Lapses

The other night, I knew I needed to grab several things from the store. It was a Monday night, so I was especially tired from my first day back at work and I had a lot yet to do when I got home. Instead of grabbing only my listed items and heading home, I fell into the trap of wondering if there was anything else I needed.

Perhaps I will just take a look around the aisles and mentally go through my pantry at home to make sure there wasn’t anything I’d missed.

Thirty minutes later, I arrived at the checkout with much more than I’d intended. Oops! Even worse, I realized I picked out a few of the wrong items by accident. By relying on my mind to remember everything, I sent it into overload. My memory is good, but I was expecting too much and as a result, I endangered my grocery budget.

They Help You Avoid Stockpiling…

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