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The U.S. labor market has been a strong one for workers for much of the two years since the COVID-19 pandemic began. After the pandemic shut down large parts of the economy and put millions out of work, employment has recovered quickly, and the unemployment rate sat at 3.5% as of July 2022.

But workers have also been able to be more selective about their job opportunities. Workers across the income scale have sent quit rates to historic highs in what’s been coined the “Great Resignation,” seeking out jobs with better pay, working conditions, or alignment with their lifestyles or professional goals.

Despite the pandemic’s economic disruptions and the looming prospect of a recession, many workers today have excellent opportunities to earn more or advance their careers. And some fields offer even greater opportunities than others thanks to economic, demographic, and technological trends that predate the pandemic.

From globalization to the aging of the population to the rise of the internet, major forces have reshaped the economy and created new professions and even new industries in a matter of years.

Among major occupational categories, health care support professions have seen the most significant growth over the last decade. Other standout high-growth categories include business and financial operations, transportation and material moving, and management.

The economy’s fastest-growing occupational categories share another important characteristic: many of them pay well.

To determine the jobs with the largest growth over the last decade, researchers at Filterbuy calculated the percentage change in employment between 2011 and…

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