The average commute time for Americans is 27.6 minutes one way in 2019, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. While that number likely went down during the pandemic, many companies are starting to require workers to go back to the workplace. Anecdotally, just about everyone I know aside from one couple has already gone back to office life most days of every work week. And the only reason the lucky couple is still working from home is that the space their department works in is being renovated, so it’s just a matter of time before they are asked to go back too.


27.6 minutes one way is 55.2 minutes a day. That’s four and a half hours of commute time in a week. And that’s the average. In Los Angeles where I live, it’s more common for the commute time to be up to an hour each day and even longer when you factor in traffic. All of this time spent in the car is wasted time, especially if you listen to talk radio that you aren’t particularly fond of. So what should we do? Why not make it more profitable for your brain, budget, and body?

Audiobooks and Podcasts

Brian Tracy, renowned success expert and author of Eat That Frog!, offers many pieces of advice. Two that have always stuck with me are the importance of investing in yourself and that anyone can be an expert in a field if they read 50-60 books on the subject. Listening to audiobooks and podcasts that are directly tied to your line of work can benefit you in…

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